Monday 18 February 2008

Another task ticked off the "to do" list

I finally got my 2006/7 tax return finshed using eTax and lodged it online. According to the ATO's software I should get a tax refund of around $13,000 (mainly due to the deductions for self-education expenses and my margin loan interest payments). I also finished off DW's tax return (it needed my taxable income figure to complete it, although it's generally much simpler to complete than mine) and she should get a refund of around $3,400 due to only working for three months that year before going on maternity leave.

DW's refund will be paid electronically into the Joint savings account used to fund our property loan repayments, and I'll transfer in an equal amount (once I know the exact amount).

The next big item on my "to do" list is completing the last few assessment items required for the Diploma in Financial Services course I enrolled in last year. I'm hoping to finish it all off this week. The next semester of my MIT and BTeach courses starts in March, so I need the "clear the decks" asap.

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JW said...


That is unreal. That's more than twice what I owe them. How do you get a refund so large? Is most it from the margin loan interest payments?

And, good luck on completing the last few assessment items required for your Diploma in Financial Services.