Friday 11 January 2008

Net Worth of Personal Finance Bloggers: December 2007

Here's the latest round-up on how some of the various PF (Personal Finance) bloggers who post their Net Worth each month are progressing. It's interesting to see how those will higher net worths are getting clobbered by the stock market 'correction', while those with a modest (or negative) net worth are generally still making progress as a result of their savings.

Monthly Net Worth of some PF Bloggers for December 2007:

Blogger Age Net Worth $ Change % Change
An English Major's Money 23 $21,247.00 $471.00 N/A
Aspire 2 Wealth 2x $24,071.00 $788.00 N/A
Blogging Away Debt 2x -$33,947.00 $2,437.00 N/A
Consumerism Commentary 30 $122,596.00 $1,834.00 1.5%
Debt Free 4 Ever 39 $46,263.00 $794.00 N/A
Enough Wealth 46 $1,138,197.00 -$34,230.00 -2.9%
How I Save Money 27 -$15,524.00 -$57.00 -0.4%
Lazy Man and Money 2x $219,367.00 $4,541.00 2.1%
Map Girl 32 $46,233.00 -$2,546.00 -5.2%
Moomin Valley 42 $452,793.00 $4,283.00 0.9%
My Money Blog 28 $204,759.00 $14,653.00 7.7%
Savvy Saver 27 $229,021.00 $2,188.00 1.0%

nb. Some ages have been adjusted as follows:
exact age provided = listed as given
"20's" = listed as 2x
"early 20's" = listed as 22
"mid-late 20's" = listed as 27
and so on.

If you have any corrections, let me know as soon as possible after the post and I'll edit immediately. If it's more than a few days after the post, email me and I'll make the change the following month.

Note: Most of these figures are in USD, but some are not (eg. mine are in AUD). Also, some bloggers post combined net worth of a couple, others are single, or, like me, only post their personal net worth.

The N/A figures are either a lack of monthly data, or where I've not included % change data because the net worth is less than +/- $100K.

I've had some appreciative comments about this regular monthly post - if you like it, please link to it from your blog, or add a link to EnoughWealth to your blogroll. ;)

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Norak said...

Thanks to those links. I'll enjoy reading about people in similar positions as I am. Frankly your net worth is far too high to enable me to identify with you.