Sunday 13 January 2008

Frugal gift ideas: Personalised wall calendars

Vistaprint is offering Wall calendars for sale. I got some free business cards for my parents alpaca farm business as a sample from the US Vistaprint several years ago, and found them to be good quality. If they'd ever sold enough animals to require more business cards I'd have been happy to order them from Vistaprint! I haven't tried out the Australian Vistaprint service yet, but the custom photo desk calendars look interesting as a gift idea for next Christmas. They are only $10.99 each (plus a one-off image upload fee of $7.99, which seems a bit much). Since you can have a different photo image on each month, it would be a nice present to send to my relatives overseas. Being a calendar it's more likely to be useful than sending a personalised mouse pad or mug! You can also add personalised text to individual calendar dates, so I could insert reminders of the kids and other relatives birthdates, anniversaries and so on.

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