Sunday 4 November 2007

The Mysteries of Blogging, Pagerank and Visitor Stats

I think I'll give up worrying about my blog stats. Recently my google PR plummeted (from 4 to 2), and although it's happened to lots of other blogs I really don't know why, so I can't begin to "fix" whatever it is about my site that google doesn't like.

Then, today my feedburner stats is showing that the number of subscribers to my blog feed has suddenly plummeted from 61 to 30. And at the same time my daily visitor count (as recorded by sitemeter) has dropped from around 80-100 per day, down to less than 60 today.

I've no idea what is going on - my recent posts haven't been unusual. And although I rearranged my site to put a second AdSense textlink ad block at the top of my site I can't imagine that this motivated half my feed subscribers to delete my feed. I may need to set up one of the free site availability monitors so I would at least know if there are access problems with my blogspot hosted blog.

All in all, I've no idea how to attract more regular readers or get back my previous pagerank, so I think I'll just stop trying and get back to blogging whatever and whenever I feel like it. The amount of revenue generated by this blog is negligible anyhow, and the time consumed trying to "tweak" the site layout, get links from other sites and publicise the blog via carnivals etc. is more than I spend actually writing posts!

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