Friday 23 November 2007

Children's Stock Investments

Since the market was down again today I decided to go ahead and buy some stocks for DS2. I bought 80 CSL at $32.08 and 250 CPU at $9.95. Total cost was $5,113.80 ($5,053.90 + $59.90 brokerage). While the investment is long term, it was nice to see the market recover a bit after I placed the order, so that by the close DS2's "portfolio" was worth $5,125.80, a rise of 1.4% above the purchase price.

DS1's portfolio consists of 246 ANZ shares and 438 QBE shares. The initial purchase cost $4,134.01 and is now worth $20,292.06.

Hopefully these four stocks continue to perform well over the next 10-20 years and will form the core of a stock portfolio they can add to as they grow up. If nothing else buying stocks for the kids provides a good opportunity to explain the concepts of share ownership, dividends, and compound interest. Because the accounts list their names (as trustors) they take an interest dividend statements and so on arrive in the mail.

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how can my daughter make a stock on her on??? meanwhile her and i will be searching......