Friday 22 June 2007

Ten Years is a Long, Long Time

My boss came over today and mentioned that he'd noticed something odd about my application for a day off next August. For the first time I'd used the category of "long service leave" rather than "annual leave". He asked if I'd received the notification from payroll about my long service leave* and I replied that it probably hadn't come yet because I'd joined the company in July.

A short while later he came back smiling and asked me to cancel the leave application and resubmit it as a day of "annual leave" instead. I'd miscalculated - I joined the company in 1998, not 1997, so the ten years required for long service leave isn't up until next year. D'Oh!

Well, it SEEMS like I've been in this job for ten years! ;)

* Long Service Leave is an entitled to 8 1/3 weeks paid leave after 10 years continuous full-time service for the same employer.

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Wills said...

In all the different workplaces that I've worked in within Victoria (only 3 so far) we get 13 weeks long service leave after 10 years. You guys in NSW are getting short changed. Some places here even allow you to start taking them/cashing them out on quitting pro rata after just 7 years.

Alex said...

8 1/3 weeks paid time off, without having to pop a human being out of you? Man, I wish I worked in Australia.

S. B. said...

I'm moving to Australia! (In the U.S., after you've worked at the same place for 10 years, you're eligible for a "10 years of service" certificate to hang on your wall...)