Tuesday 5 June 2007

Frugal Living: Saving the Cost of a Thumb Drive

I bought a 128MB USB "thumb" drive early last year and it has been very useful for transferring data files between work and home. It also serves as an additional backup of some of my more important files. However, although 128MB seemed huge at the time, it isn't hard to fill it up if I copy entire folders of uni programming assignments, my large PF spreadsheets and some graphic files I'm working on for the blog. Recently larger 1GB and 2GB have been available for around the $20 mark, so I'd been thinking of buying one. But having read about the free 2GB encrypted Online Backup available from IDrive-E (http://www.idrive.com), I've decided to save to $20 and use that instead. The only potential drawback of using this is that we aren't able to download files from the internet at work, so I may still have to use the old thumb drive moving files to and from work. But the online backup will be very useful for accessing my important files when I'm away from home on vacation.

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Anonymous said...

Mozy online backup is pretty good too. Also offers 2gb free and automatically backs up the files you specify when your computer is idle.

If you stick it out I'm sure you will be able to get a larger flash drive free after rebate soon enough.

Anonymous said...

I would look into FolderShare as a solution as well. Not sure if would work if you aren't able to download files at work, but it might do it in the background.