Friday 27 April 2007

A Home Wi-Fi Network of my new Dell PC

The Dell PC I ordered a couple of days ago is "expected" to be delivered next Wednesday. It will have a wireless keyboard and mouse so I can sit in comfort in our lounge room, with the 20" LCD screen sitting next to our TV (which also happens to be a modest 20" CRT TV). I had been thinking of moving the current cable modem box from my computer table in the next room (where it's currently attached to my Toshiba Satellite notebook) into the lounge room, and then running an ethernet cable from the desktop PC to the notebook. However, I've decided to have a go at installing a wireless network, as there are some instructions on how to do this on my ISP's website (Optus), and Dell offers a Belkin wireless router and USB adapter, so they must be compatible with the PC I've ordered.

I was going to check if I could add the router and adapter to my existing order (as the Dell website says that accessories are shipped separately anyhow, and if they're not part of a computer system order they get charged shipping). However, I didn't have my order number with me at work today, so I searched the internet for an alternate supplier (and to check pricing), and found that I could order a package deal of the Belkin router and a USB adapter for less money ($101 plus $11 shipping) from Mitec.

I ordered the Wi-Fi router this afternoon (payment using a Paypal eCheque from my linked ING online bank account), and it should ship in 4-5 days, so will probably arrive around the same time as my Dell PC. I worked as a computer systems administrator several years ago, and networked PCs and macs using thin ethernet cabling, so hopefully setting up the Wi-Fi and getting the cable modem to work with the new PC and being accessible via the USB network adapter on my notebook PC won't be too much of a hassle.

Ideally I can use the desktop PC while relaxing in the lounge (ie. I can keep an eye on my forex trades while watching the cricket or "Lost" on TV), and can also use the notebook at my computer desk for uni assignments, or even while sitting next to the pool or having breakfast in bed. ;)

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