Sunday 22 April 2007

Frugal living: Diet Cola

I don't drink much alcohol (just the odd glass of wine at Christmas or when dining at a restaurant) but I do drink copious quantities of diet coke. Ever since my Uni days I've consumed several litres a day. Aside from wanting to cut down or eliminate this completely for my health, it also isn't very good for my wallet. Until recently diet coke typically cost around $2.40 for a 2L bottle, and I could stock up when it was on "special" for $1.69. However, it seems that Coca-cola has increased the wholesale price of their range (their excuse was increased sugar prices - which doesn't really make sense for "diet" coke!). All the major supermarket chains in Sydney have raised the regular price to around $3.30 for a 2L bottle, with the price on "special" only dropping to $2.49 these days. Even buying only on special this means that the cost has gone up by 50%, which will cost me around $600 extra each year. Time I tried to quit drinking diet coke "cold turkey" and switch to just drinking filtered tap water and the occasional cup of tea.

Enough Wealth


Denise Mall said...

Wow Coke is expensive by you. On Sale I pay 98c for a 2L. Regularly about $1.16.

I used to drink nothing, pretty much, except diet Coke. The switch to water has been a good one. I think you'll be happy with the change.

zacharyfruhling said...

Try switching to generic store brands if you absolutely must have diet soda.