Sunday, 22 April 2007

Frugal living: Diet Cola

I don't drink much alcohol (just the odd glass of wine at Christmas or when dining at a restaurant) but I do drink copious quantities of diet coke. Ever since my Uni days I've consumed several litres a day. Aside from wanting to cut down or eliminate this completely for my health, it also isn't very good for my wallet. Until recently diet coke typically cost around $2.40 for a 2L bottle, and I could stock up when it was on "special" for $1.69. However, it seems that Coca-cola has increased the wholesale price of their range (their excuse was increased sugar prices - which doesn't really make sense for "diet" coke!). All the major supermarket chains in Sydney have raised the regular price to around $3.30 for a 2L bottle, with the price on "special" only dropping to $2.49 these days. Even buying only on special this means that the cost has gone up by 50%, which will cost me around $600 extra each year. Time I tried to quit drinking diet coke "cold turkey" and switch to just drinking filtered tap water and the occasional cup of tea.

Enough Wealth


D said...

Wow Coke is expensive by you. On Sale I pay 98c for a 2L. Regularly about $1.16.

I used to drink nothing, pretty much, except diet Coke. The switch to water has been a good one. I think you'll be happy with the change.

Zachary said...

Try switching to generic store brands if you absolutely must have diet soda.