Monday 4 December 2006

Time is Money

One of the most common (and easily fixed) reasons people give for not getting ahead financially is that they "don't have enough time" to spend on managing their money and putting together a sensible financial plan. Indeed, I've read that most people spend more time planning their annual vacation than they do on planning and managing their finances. If you're "time poor", and wish to improve your time management skills so you can spend more time on money management, check out the free pdf book on basic time management skills available from

Their eBook includes information on:
* Taking control of your projects and tasks
* Setting priorities and focus on what is most important
* Building and using a to-do list
* Overcoming procrastination
* Making time for the things that really matter to you
* Managing your email effectively and emptying your Inbox
* Using weekly planning to balance important and urgent tasks
* Creating an effective filing system
* Making meetings work
* Eliminating useless and low priority work from your schedule
* Delegating tasks effectively
* Getting your workload under control

You just have to find and click on the "take our online time management course" link - there are a lot of other links on the page which lead to ads for the $29.95 eBook or to sign-up for their newsletter.

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