Tuesday 12 September 2006

"Little Book" Portfolio Snapshot

Here's the first snapshot of how my "Little Book that Beats the Market" Portfolio (hereafter to be known as the "LBP") is tracking so far. I'll post and update every month:

Highlights of my LBP Plan:
* 100% geared using Portfolio loan secured against real estate equity
[loan interest rate currently approx. 7.25%]
* LBP performance target 15% pa [net of costs] over medium-long term [5-20 years]
* invest in monthly $5000USD lots (~$7000AUD) over an 18 month period
* pick one stock each month using the "Little Book" website list of prospects
[using filter criteria of >$127m market cap, and list 100 to pick from]
* stocks purchased using Comsec Pershing US brokerage facility
* sell each stock after 18 months, and buy a replacement using the realised funds
* fund interest payments on loan from my cashflow and any dividends received

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