Tuesday 3 October 2023

Long, long term real estate investment prospects

Browsing through Moomin's blogroll, a post from Climateer Investing to a Nature article about the next supercontinent caught my eye. Looks like my home and investments properties in NSW will still be prime real estate in 250 million years, as this is one of the more temperature zones projected to exist in the future supercontinent ;) (And my properties may closer to 'absolute water front' within 1,000 years if the Antarctic ice sheet melts away faster than expected causing sea levels to rise by up to 65m - but although the floating Antarctic ice sheets might melt within 500 years, the 1.9km thick icecap on the continent would take a lot longer to melt away, even if temperatures rose significantly above zero in Antarctica).

I am a long term investor, and even contemplate wealth transfers and family trust structures that could last hundreds of years, but looking 250 million years ahead seems silly even to me.

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