Thursday 6 July 2023

Investment Property FY2023

I've started working on the figures I'll need for completing my 2022-23 FY tax return. One of my new items for this year's return will be my investment apartment. The purchase was settled in late Feb and I was able to rent it out immediately. So for FY23 the relevant figures are:

Settlement date: 24 Feb.

Pro-rata days for FY2023: 127/365 (used for calculation of purchase costs that can be claimed over five years)

Items paid at settlement that are deductible this FY:

Council Rates:           $621.37

Water Rates:             $151.23

Land Tax:                $1,104.11

Strata Insurance:        $654.28

SUB-TOTAL:                              $2,530.99

Items paid at settlement that are deductible over 5 years:

Doc Processing fee:      $100,00

Property Search fee:     $47,40

SUB-TOTAL:               $147.40        

    pro-rate for FY23:                  $10.26

TOTAL                                   $2,541.25

Mortgage Interest paid:                 $17,133.82

Interest rec'd (on deposit etc)                                $1,754.61

Rent Received ($850/wk)                                        $12,750.00

Rent Expenses:                          

Letting fee:            $935.00

Insurance:              $411.00

Letting advertising:    $220.00

Managing Agent fee:     $701.25

Managing Agent Admin:   $44.00

NBN rebate to tenants:  $150.00

Strata Levy:            $2,118.20

Water rates:            $320.99

TOTAL                                   $4,900.44

Depreciation (DVM) FY23:                $9,276.55

TOTAL:                                  $33,852.06             $14,504.61

Net LOSS FY23:                          $19,347.45

Tax refund (@32.50% marginal rate):                            $6,287.92

Now that I know the current figures for insurance, strata levy, rates etc. I will be able to estimate my expected tax deduction for FY24 and submit a PAYG withholding tax variation form so I pay less tax out of each pay, rather than receive a large tax refund. This will help improve the monthly cash-flow situation. The variation takes about 4 weeks to process, so I should try to get it done this coming weekend.

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