Sunday 15 August 2021

Another D'Oh! moment

I've been parking my 'new' (second-hand 2002 model) S-type Jaguar under our carport since I took delivery of it last week, as our lock-up garage was full of things being 'stored' in our garage (for example a kayak and a wind-surfer I'd bought years ago and hardly ever used, that are supposed to be shipped up to the lake house 'sometime' - definitely not yet as we're currently in lock-down). I didn't want to leave the 'new' car permanently parked under the car port awning as the rear end wasn't under cover and gets pretty hot during the day (even though we are currently in Australia winter), which won't do the leather upholstery any good. So I spent some hours last weekend and this weekend throwing out some of the junk stored in the garage and tidying the rest so it is all neatly stacked away on the side shelving.

I finally got everything tidied up in the garage this evening and got DW to watch as I drove the S-type into the garage to make sure I had enough clearance on the sides. I had checked the garage should be wide enough for the car, but I had to keep fairly close to one side in order to have enough clearance to open the driver's side door. Unfortunately when DW indicated I had driven as far into the garage as possible (there is an old wood workbench fixed to to the end wall of the garage) the rear of the Jag wasn't far enough in to allow the roller door to be closed! I should have also checked the length of the car! D'Oh!

Oh well, the Jag will have to remain parked outside under the car port awning until I can take the kayak and some other things up to the lake house, and then I'll probably demolish and remove the work bench (I'll first check that the car will sit into the garage once the bench is removed!). Hopefully I'll be able to park the car in the garage by Christmas.

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