Tuesday 19 January 2021

Updated NW performance vs my 'stretch' benchmark

After being delayed due to Covid-19, the annual Aussie "Rich 200" list was published at the end of November. I've done an updated plot of my net worth vs. 1% of the "cut off" amount required to make it onto the "Rich 200" list, as shown below.

I haven't made up any ground against this bench mark, but at least I am doing a reasonable job of keeping pace with the most successful of the Australian 'rich'. The cut-off net worth required to make it onto the 'Rich 200' list is quite a challenging benchmark, as the rich list automatically drops off any underperformers and replaces them with whomever is doing the best in the current economic climate. For example, this year several people that had made their fortune in the travel industry were dropped off the list, and three entrepreneurs involved in the creation of the successful start-up company Canva have made it onto the list.

Having been fixed at only 200 people for many years, the rich list is also getting more exclusive compared to the Australia population.

I doubt I'll ever grow my net worth to 1% of the rich list cut-off, but if I increase the growth rate (slope) of my net worth plot to match that of the rich list I'll be very happy.

My NW figure used in this plot is slightly different from that in Networthshare and my monthly NW estimates as I've deducted the value of the lake house property I 'inherited' from my parents as that would artificially inflate my NW growth.

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