Wednesday 2 December 2020

Net Worth: NOV 2020

My monthly Net Worth calculation has been updated in NetWorthShare as at the end of November. The stock markets recovered strongly during November, due to the combination of the US election producing a clear result and the positive announcements regarding successful Covid-19 vaccine trials. This boosted both my geared share portfolio (up $21,346) and my superannuation (up $60,833). Our estimated house price was unchanged for the month, but the Sydney residential real estate market is showing signs of strength, and a few forecasters have started predicting rises over 2021 and 2022. Hopefully the valuation of my investment unit will be higher than the 'off the plan' price by the time construction is completed in 2023 and I have to get a mortgage to pay the balance of the purchase price. My net worth figure increased by $82,486 (3.12%) overall, to $2,725,974. It's always nice to have a positive month where my NW increases by more than my annual after tax salary ;)

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