Friday 1 February 2019

Net Worth: JAN 2019

A rebound in local and international share markets meant that my retirement savings balance increased $42,724 (4.64%) and my geared share portfolio increased $19,533. The continued deflation of the property bubble nationwide, and especially Sydney, meant that the gain in my share portfolio was more or less offset by the valuation of our home decreasing by $18,397 (2.37%) during the month. Overall, my net worth recovered $44,081 (2.05%) during the month to $2,194,981. Still well below my all time peak.

I've started using some of the credit available in my St George 'portfolio loan' facility to fund my financial planning expenses (the self-education costs of the Masters degree, and the monthly licencee fee and CRM/admin package fee for the basic module of 'Midwinter'). Until I start receiving some client fee income, this debt will accrue at a rate of about $2,430 per month. Using the one loan facility to fund the major business running costs and self-education costs will make it easy to keep track of the amount of (tax deductible) interest I pay.

My goal is to start generating business income during 2019, and to generate enough business income during 2020 to cover running costs ('break even'). Hopefully by 2021 the business will be profitable, or at least cover the running costs and related self-education costs (the Masters, then possible a MRes degree followed by a PhD in Financial Planning). We'll see how things pan out.

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