Wednesday 4 June 2014

Net Worth: May 2014

The net value of my geared stock portfolio, retirement account (SMSF) and home all increased during the past month, resulting in a solid gain in overall net worth estimation. The retirement account gain was largely due to 5 months of employer contributions (Jan to May) all being deposited into our SMSF bank account during May.

Normally employer contributions for each quarter (eg. Jan, Feb and Mar) and due by the end of the month following the quarter (eg. Apr), and take a week or more to be processed by the Company Superannuation administrator (BT Super) and arrive in our bank account (eg. early May). The HR department had been talking about making the superannuation payments monthly, which accounts for the Apr and May payments being processed in May as well. Fortunately my age and current superannuation rules regarding concessionally tax contributions mean that even with 2-3 months extra payments being processed in the current financial year I wouldn't exceed the contribution cap.

Recent Sydney real estate index figures from RP Data are showing a slight decline in house prices, so the estimated valuation for my half of our home is likely to decrease slightly over coming months (my estimation used a moving 12-month average price guide for our postcode, rather than the daily Sydney Index value). As usual, I don't include assets or liabilities belonging to DW, DS1 or DS2 in my personal net worth figures.

Assets$ Amount$ Diff% Diff
Stocks *$245,086$9,583n/a
Debts ^$ Amount $ Diff% Diff
Home Mortgage(s)$102,358-$7-0.01%
Net Worth$1,566,571$29,9571.95%
* the Stocks figure is portfolio value - margin loans. The LVR is around 80% overall.
^ doesn't include the ~$675,000 of investment loans, as these are already deducted when calculating the value of my geared stock portfolio.

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