Sunday 3 March 2013

Net Worth Update: February 2013

February was another good month for the stock market, and hence for both my geared stock investments and our SMSF account balance.

The ASX200 broke through 5,000 (the 'year end' prediction of many so-called experts only a couple of months ago!) and my net worth topped the A$1m mark once more. Maybe it will be a case of "third time lucky"? However, in real terms this is still well below the levels my NW reached in 2007, and is around the level of seven years ago. At least the trend is in the 'right' direction, and as I still have considerable levels of gearing in my stock portfolio, a little bit in our SMSF account, and a substantial mortgage on our properties, and a sustained positive trend would see a rapid rise in NW. This of course would require the US economy to continue to improve, the Eurozone start to recover and the strength of the asian region no falter. Given the experience of the past decade that is far from certain...

Assets$ Amount $ Diff% Diff
Stocks *$19,603+$17,869n/a
Debts$ Amount $ Diff% Diff
Home Mortgage(s)$363,551-$128-0.04%
Net Worth$1,025,002+$40,0704.07%
* the Stocks figure is portfolio value - margin loans
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1 comment:

Bigchrisb said...

Congratulations to get back there again! As you don't list the margin loan (just net equity), its hard to tell how much/little leverage you are actually using? Do you intend to pare back the leverage, or maintain it at its current level?

Personally, I'm struggling with justifying the interest rates on my current margin loan at the moment, and am looking to either de-leverage a bit, or to see if I can find a lower interest source of finance for them.