Tuesday 2 October 2012

Blog issues

I've been busy with work, my assignments for my final MAstron subject, and putting together an application for entry into the PhD program of a local university. So I haven't been blogging. I also haven't been checking my blog stats, so I only just realised that there were issues with the blog. It seems that a change by blogger in August caused problems with 'custom domains' that were redirected to a blogspot blog. Apparently blogger is aware of this issue, but to date hasn't fixed it (since the change, the 'custom domain' setting for a blogspot blog is incorrectly assumed to mean that the content is NOT being hosted by blogspot). Since no fix has been implemented, I've removed the custom domain setting on the enoughwealth blog account, so the content is at least accessible directly via the http://enoughwealth.blogspot.com.au/ URL. However, going direct to the http://www.enoughwealth.com URL was displaying an ad page (the default content for dotster accounts until content is loaded), so I've had to put in a simple link to my blogspot URL until I can work out how to setup automatic redirects using dotster. Unfortunately the http://enoughwealth.com URL still displays the dotster default ad page, and I don't know how to fix this just yet. Sorry for any inconvenience to my readers.

ps. I also had to fix a problem with the enoughwealth yahoo email account having been hacked -- which resulted in a spam post added to my blog via this email account (as well as some spam emails sent to the contact list of that email account). Hopefully that's all under control now, so, if you received any spam emails from that email account that got by your spam filters, I apologise.

*** UPDATE: 03 Dec 2012 ***

I decided today to have another go changing the blogger settings to get my custom domain redirection working again. After an unsucessful attempt to modify the CNAME settings in my Dotster hosting account (per bloggers instructions), I stumbled upon a new setting in the Dotster control panel for redirecting my domain straight to the blogspot URL, rather than travelling to the parking page (where visitors had to click on a link in order to finally get to this blog). It looks like the redirection is now working, although we'll have to see if it lasts - I may have created other problems by trying to edit the DNS name settings in Dotster before I came across the redirection option!

Hopefully this change may get my traffic back up to the traditional 100+ blog readers per day, rather than the handful of visitors I'd been getting each day since the sudden change several months ago...

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