Wednesday 21 December 2011

McDonalds pulls the plug on free access to Maths Online

I think that I had previously posted that Maths Online is a great study tool for secondary students (or advanced year 5/6 students) and how it was great that McDonalds was sponsoring access to it for all Australian students...

Well, the SMH had an article today revealing that McDonalds had decided to wind back its sponsorship, so that from next year only McDonalds employees will get free access (available while on their MeTime breaks!).

I think this is a poor decision by McDonalds, and I sent them a comment today (via their website feeback form) telling them as much.

As you can see below, their response wasn't very satisfactory, especially in light of the TV ad campaign they had previously run trumpeting the expansion of their sponsorship to make Maths Online available free to all Australian students (without any mention of a time limit)...

"We look to fund projects that support our employees and compliment the skills they learn at McDonald's by supporting their studies at school. When we decided to finance the program for all secondary students, it was always for a three year period and that's now come to an end. We have been pleased to be able to support such a great initiative.

We are still providing the service to our 85,000+ employees, so if you have a family member who works at McDonald's they will be able to access it through the internal MeTime website."

Hopefully if enough customers complain about this decision McDonalds may change their mind.

Otherwise I'll have to save up the annual fee by cutting out my occasional meal at McDonalds ;)

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Bigchrisb said...

So any update on the financial front? I know its much more fun to report the good stories, but its usually the less nice ones that one learns the most from. I'm guessing that the lack of posts means that the combination of high gearing and soft RE/stock prices has been a bit painful? said...

I'll look up my monthly account statements and calculate the last couple of months totals -- I've no doubt its pretty dismal, with property down, stock market down, and my margin loan interest rates sitting around 10%.

I had better things to do with our annual tax returns in October and my uni exam in November, but I've run out of excuses to not look up the figures ;)