Saturday 19 February 2011

Fishtank update - end of week 1

Well, all four neon tetras we had bought had died after the first two days. I've never had much luck with keeping neon tetras, so next month I'll just add one ramirezi dwarf cichlid and possibly one kuhli loach, rather than replacing the neon tetras. The siamese fighting fish appears to be thriving, as does the pearl gourami. I might buy a second pearl gourami when the tank is well established. The bristlenose catfish is also fine, although I've only seen him twice in the past week.

I was originally intending to buy some glass (ghost) catfish, but they don't fare well is less than ideal water conditions, so it's probably not worth the risk. I was also considering adding a few male guppies, but as I've previously had problems with them nipping the colourful tails of other fish (such as siamese ff), I think I'll also give them a miss.

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Anonymous said...

Too late, but I would suggest using use cheap fish to condition the tank first - Gold fish tolerate all temperatures and water conditions. said...

There don't seem to be many 'cheap' tropical fish, but only buying a few fish at first at letting the tank condition for a month or two before adding any more is a good strategy.

I suppose a few guppies or platys would have been a cheap-ish option to start with, but I'd be stuck with some fish that I don't really want. That would be the problem with using goldfish to condition the tank - I wouldn't know what to do with them in the long run.

Anonymous said...

Honestly I think you are overstocking your tank. Keep it as is and your fish will thrive. Adding more will probably mean more deaths. :)