Saturday 23 October 2010

Yet another blog ranking service

I've added a ranking badge from Money Crashers to the bottom of this blog's template. There are quite a few ranking services out there, and several aggregators that combine the various ranks and popularity indicators to provide an overall 'ranking' of personal finance blogs. This new listing from Money Crashers uses a large set of indicators to come up with their overall ranking score, and the list seems very comprehensive (although they had somehow overlooked my incredibly popular blog until I pointed it out to them). If you like reading personal finance blogs, then it will be worth your while to browse the list and see what good blogs are out there that you haven't come across before.

BTW - my ranking is currently 357 out of 387 (down from 335 in the couple of days between being added to the list on 18/10 and the recent update on 21/10 - go figure). My 'score' is only 4 'points' out of a possible 100! Aside from not having a google pagerank (my pagerank got clobbered for some reason a while back) I'm not sure why my blog ranks so poorly (although getting a bit more traffic couldn't hurt).

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I'll keep reading!
Hope the page rank improves. I'm still trying to get mine below 1mil on Alexis. Maybe I should write some better content. LOL