Friday 4 June 2010

Net Worth Update: May 2010

Sell in May and go away - I wish!

My stock portfolio value decreased significantly during May thanks to the EU soverign debt crisis, which meant our SMSF account also dropped considerably.

Our real estate investments rose in estimated value, but the estimates are getting less reliable and more out of date due to recent changes in the available suburban sales figures.

I think I'll stop updating my portfolio figures daily from the end of this financial year (30 June), and move to only recording end-of-month portfolio values and annual real estate valuations (based on the quarterly dept of housing regional price data, which I use for my annual rental property rent reviews).

These days my gearing levels aren't so high that I need to watch out for margin calls every time the market suffers a correction, so checking my portfolio values each day isn't really necessary.

I think I'll also start recording my expenses again, but only recording monthly totals by category (so I can track spending and saving against our budget), rather than trying to record every single expense in Quicken like I used to.

Assets___________$ Amount______$ Diff_____% Diff
Stocks____________$16,629____-$35,221___-67.93 %
Retirement_______$326,665____-$15,081____-4.41 %
Properties_______$881,704_____$15,544_____1.79 %

Debts____________$ Amount_____$ Diff_____% Diff
Home Mortgage(s)_$364,114________-$38____-0.01 %

Net Worth________$860,883____-$34,720____-3.88 %

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