Thursday 9 July 2009

Free money for the kids

The latest issue of Money magazine has a special offer - a coupon for a $50 "Money for Jam" bonus deposit when a new NAB Smart Junior Saver Account is opened before the end of August. DW dropped in to a NAB branch and opened accounts for DS1 and DS2. She deposited $20 into each account, and the next day the $50 bonus had been credited.

These accounts have no fees and normally earn 1% pa interest. The interest rate goes up by another 1.35% pa for months where there's a deposit and no withdrawal. The kid's also got a free soccer ball money box each ;)

PS. An original coupon is required, but photocopies are accepted for additional accounts opened in the same family.

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1 comment:

Chris said...

Thanks mate! I just bought the magazine and opened a NAB account for my own little one. And now she won't be hit with late fees since the NAB have scrapped their fees.