Thursday 8 January 2009

A spending sort of day

After not spending a cent yesterday, today I ended up spending quite a bit. I got paid today, but that wasn't a factor as the money disappears straight into my credit union account and the balance doesn't really influence whether or not I decide to buy something.

Last night I fiddled around with my Dell laptop computer for a couple of hours and got it running properly after I reinstalled Vista from CD. However, the Laptop doesn't really have enough RAM installed to run Vista Home Premium (1 GB doesn't really cope), so I called Dell today to check on buying some extra RAM. 1GB of RAM costs around $165, and 2GB around $335, so I WON'T be buying any more RAM for my $580 Laptop just yet! Instead I'll just buy a 2GB SD card (for $20) and install it permanently as ReadyBoost - hopefully that might improve performance a bit. On the weekend I'll install OpenOffice 2.4 from Sun (it's free, and lets me work on my existing excel spreadsheets and word documents without paying a small fortune for Microsoft Office), and reinstall the FastStone image viewer shareware and see if any problems recur.

Having decided not to spend a couple of hundred dollars on RAM, I then went online and had another look at the children's play equipment available from I ordered a 2-seater swing set and slide, plus a two-person ride. The total cost will be around $1,200 including delivery. The kit should arrive in a couple of weeks, so I'll have time to start trimming some trees and making room in our garden. When we replace the pool fence I'll buy some extra fencing so the swing set can be enclosed in it's own play area.

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Anonymous said...

Check out for more RAM. The quality is better and the price is lower.

1MansMoney said...

That is a nice looking swing set and slide. Kids are only young once, so I think it is money well spent.