Sunday 7 December 2008

Financial Crisis dims Christmas lights

I've been a bit late putting up our Christmas decorations this year. We put up a few inside lights and our artificial tree two weeks ago, but I only got around to unpacking and installing the outside lights today. We went for a walk around our block yesterday for DS1 and DS2 to see the neighbour's Christmas lights and there seemed to be a few less displays than last year. Apparently the financial crisis has caused many people to not "light up" their houses for Christmas this year. I can understand people not buying new lights in the current economic climate, but I can't imagine that people who have been putting up Christmas light displays for years would save a significant amount of money by not turning on the same lights they've used in previous years. It's probably just that people aren't in such a "festive" mood this year, and can't muster the enthusiasm required to set up their lighting displays this year. What do you think?

Anyhow, I've added one LED net light to our collection so far this year (about $20), and I'm thinking of buying one of the larger free-standing garden light displays to "complete" our collection (you have to draw the line somewhere, or it could become an expensive obsession to have the "best" display in your street/suburb/state/the world). There are some nice 3D rope light displays available, but can be quite expensive for something you only use for a couple of weeks each year, and has no resale value. I'll check out what is available in the Christmas Warehouse Sale close to my workplace tomorrow, I'm thinking of something that the kids will enjoy and isn't too "religious". Perhaps something like this one for $100:

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Anonymous said...

Good for you. I love seeing the streets and houses lit up. I hate the dark winter nights so at least this brightens things up.

Although its good to be careful with your money, Christmas is the time for generousity.

Happy Christmas

Anonymous said...

Now that is what we shouldn't be doing... we need to keep the wheels running.. one thing will lead into another, and the big will get bigger.

Anonymous said...

Glad you at least got your lights up! I can't believe that the current economic circumstances might cause people to do something like that. Really- how much would you save? Just don't go out to eat 3 or 4 times this month and you'll be fine!

Enjoy your work. Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

I guess the economic crisis took away some peoples Christmas spirit.