Monday 4 August 2008

Net Worth Update: July 2008

I'll keep it short and sour - another depressing month, due to the stock market's continued slide affecting my share portfolio and also my retirement savings. The value of my geared stock portfolios was further reduced by some of the prepayments of annual loan interest made by 30 June appearing in the account balances in early July. And the retirement account balance dropped during July despite being boosted by three months of salary sacrifice contributions arriving in our SMSF bank account. The only bright spot was an increase in the estimated valuations of our home and investment property - but the latest sales figures show that the real estate valuations will drop considerably for August.

Property valuations +$12,516 (+1.47%) to +$866,346
Mortgage loans..... -$....91 (-0.02%) to -$365,488
Retirement accounts -$.1,910 (-0.67%) to +$284,075
Stocks & other..... -$36,579(-17.28%) to +$175,115
TOTAL NW........... -$25,882 (-2.63%) to +$960,048

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