Monday 18 June 2007

Poll Result: At What Age Would You Like to Retire?

An interesting result to my first reader poll. The results show a distinctly bi-modal distribution with people exhibiting a preference either for "early retirement" ie. early 40's or else a "conventional" retirement age of around 58-65.

I think that the results show that many people will be unable to retire as soon as they'd like, as it seems unlikely that 30%+ of those polled would have sufficient retirement funds accumulated by age 46.

I found it interesting that not many people aspire to retiring in their late 40's/early 50's. Either most people are targetting their retirement savings plans to achieve a required amount by the time they reach 60-65, or else they are happy to work until 60-65 even if they expect to have accumulated the minimum needed to retire before they hit 60.

It also shows the importance of having disability and/or loss of income insurance in place, as people who are "on track" to retire comfortably at 60-65 will be in dire straits if they are forced to cease work in their 50's due to ill-health or accident.

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