Friday 9 May 2014

Net Worth: April 2014

A fairly quiet month, aside from a good increase in my retirement account value (which was partly due to January employer contributions being deposited during April). The Feb and Mar superannuation contributions were paid by my emplyer on 28/4 and should be hitting our SMSF bank account "any day now" according to the payroll department. Still not sure why it takes BT super (that handles the company superannuation payments) more than two weeks to deposit funds into the member accounts! But as our annual SMSF tax bill was paid in early May there won't be much impact overall this month.

The contribution payment delays can really be a pain at the end of the financial year, as having one or two of the Apr/May/Jun payments appear in our SMSF bank account before the end of FY can push me over the concessionally tax contributions (Salary Sacrifice plus SGL) limit if all three payments arrived late the previous year. With all the payments being processed electronically (from employer to BT Super, and then from BT Super to ANZ bank) there is no reason for the payments to take more than two business days to arrive in our SMSF bank account.

I've continued to report the 'hobby farm' valuation as the nominal "purchase" cost ($325,000) which was used to calculate the stamp duty, but I'll make a separate note of it's monthly valuation estimate (the valuation is based on house price sales in the nearby township, which may not be a very good guide to changes in values for a nearby 25 acre rural property). This month my estimation increased from $354,900 to $357,000 (+0.86%).

Assets$ Amount$ Diff% Diff
Stocks *$235,503-$951n/a
Debts ^$ Amount $ Diff% Diff
Home Mortgage(s)$102,365$90.01%
Net Worth$1,536,614$13,1020.86%
* the Stocks figure is portfolio value - margin loans. The LVR is around 80% overall.
^ doesn't include the ~$675,000 of investment loans, as these are already deducted when calculating the value of my geared stock portfolio.

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