Monday 4 March 2019

Net Worth: FEB 2019

The continued rebound in local and international share markets meant that my retirement savings balance increased $43,045 (4.47%) and my geared share portfolio increased $29,660. The continued deflation of the property bubble nationwide, and especially Sydney, meant that the gain in my share portfolio was somewhat offset by the valuation of our home decreasing by $4,198 (0.55%) during the month. The rate of decline in house prices appears to be moderating slightly, suggesting a normal house price cyclical decline rather than a 'crash' or deflation of a 'bubble'. Overall, my net worth recovered $68,732 (3.13%) during the month to $2,263,713. Still below my all time peak.

Funding my university studies and running costs of my start-up financial planning business continue to cost around $2,500 per month. I received my annual bonus last month (approx. $9K after tax), which will help with cash flow for a while. I setup a free business entry in the 'yellow pages' yesterday and was immediately called by a couple of charity fund-raisers this morning seeking sponsorship/advertising support this morning. I agreed to sponsor the local Neighbourhood Watch (via a $440 ad in the local youth support magazine they produce annually) but I will have to decline supporting any other local groups (at least until I have my first paying client!) I'm still working on the website for my business, but should get that up and running by the end of March.
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