Sunday 24 June 2007

Burn Notice - PPP

I've was retrenched from my previous job, and although it wasn't totally unexpected it still came as a shock. Despite having thought about change careers before I was retrenched, it was still depressing to realise that I'd lost what had been an interesting in a field where I was very unlikely to find another similar position.

So just wonder how tough it would be if you'd worked for the CIA and were fired? A new TV series due to start on June 28th on the USA Network, called Burn Notice, starts out with that very scenario. What could CIA employee Michael Weston have done to get fired?

Perhaps he had access to the means to decipher encoded messages, that the CIA wanted to remain confidential - a bit like the breaking of the enigma code in WWII. When his brother's only child is kidnapped while travelling overseas, he asks to use the resources of the CIA to decipher a message intercepted between the kidnappers and a foreign government official in order to save his nieces life. But his CIA boss regretfully refuses to allow it's use. When the situation gets desperate he deciphers the message anyhow, but gets caught before he can send the information to his brother. He is fired from the CIA for this breach of security, and knows his career in Intelligence is finished. In an ironic twist, his last act as a CIA employee is to burn the retrenchment notice as directed. No evidence of his having worked for the CIA is to be in the public domain. When he learns that his niece and brother died when the ransom exchange wemt wrong, he disappears and vows to use his intelligence skills to help others in need.

Well, that's my theory - to get the real reason for his termination go to USA Network's Burn Notice.

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