Monday 4 June 2007

Frugal Living: Clothes Dryer

Although we have a clothes dryer, DW still prefers to dry clothes on the line when the weather is fine. When we bought our house it came with an extending clothes line attached to the remaining upright post of an old broken "Hills Hoist". The extending line has not been very easy to use as the bar attached to the old clothes hoist wobbles and makes the clothes lines sag. So DW finally took a trip to the local hardware superstore to check on new clothes hoists. The traditional Hills Hoist costs around $250 and is made in China, so she's decided to go with a cheaper brand that costs $150 (and probably also comes from China). It comes with a ten year warranty, so it should last ten years and pay for itself via the electricity saved by not using the clothes dryer very often. It also helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions, as our electricity mostly comes from coal-fired power stations.

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Pat said...

At $150, it will more than pay for the electricity it saves! Dryers are energy eating monsters, usually costing anywhere from 50 to 75 cents a load.

Besides that, they wear fabrics out faster than line drying does (think of all the tumbling and rubbing fabrics go through in a dryer).