Saturday 2 June 2007

Frugal Living: Lunch and Exercise at Work

Yesterday was a perfect day in Sydney for the start of Winter - clear, blue skies, a light breeze and a temperature around 25C. I enjoyed a 20 minute brisk walk around the nearby landscaped gardens of a luxury apartment complex, in the process avoiding gym fees such as the $25 a week fee charged by the "boutique" gym conveniently located opposite where I work.

For lunch I had one turkey fillet and one lean ham bread roll. The turkey and ham cost around $12/kg on special, and the bread rolls were a steal at 12 for 99c! Plus an apple from a 1.5kg bag that cost $4.98. All up, lunch cost around $1.70 and was moderately healthy.

I still haven't entirely eliminated drinking diet coke uring the day at work - but at least the 2L bottle was on special for $1.90 instead of the regular price of $3.10. I've managed to cut down from 2 bottles/day to 1, substituting one bottle of coke with a 1.5L bottle of filtered tap water, which costs almost nothing.

I tend to get the urge to snack around 4 o'clock in the afternoon, so next week I'll start bringing a banana to work each day to have as an afternoon snack. At $4.98 per kg they're not cheap at the moment, but it's still cheaper (and lots healthier) than a mars bar or other junk food.

Enough Wealth

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