Sunday 3 June 2007

Blog Performance and Monetization Update: June 2007

Readership continued to increase during May, with the bonus of site getting a big one-off boost from a specific mention and link to my site by one of the more popular personal finance blogs in the middle of May, which provided an extra 350 or so visitors on the day of the post. This spike trailed off rapidly and readership stats were back to normal after a couple of days. Hopefully some of the visitors liked what they read and have become part of the loyal band of regular readers who return day after day.

Cumulative visits (for sites and combined) passed through 25,000 during May. With monthly visits now above 6,000 EnoughWealth might reach a total of visitors by September, and has a chance of hitting the magic 100,000 mark by the end of this year!

After a period of initial rapid growth in visitor numbers from launch until Dec 2006, I stopped submitting posts to the various "carnivals" that are available each week. Coupled with a lull in producing daily posts in early January this produced a noticeable loss of momentum in gaining readers. Posting at least once a day in the last few months seems to have helped build up readership more quickly again.

I initially created the mirror site (hosted on late last year due to problems with "old" blogger at that time. Since then I've migrated to the "new" blogger, which is much more reliable, and setup the domain to redirect to the posts hosted by blogger. There are consistently about double the readers attracted to the site each month (eg. 2,910 in May compared to 2,018 visiting my "custom" domain. Hopefully if I resume promoting the domain via "carnival" submissions this month I may be able to increase readership of that site. The only reason I prefer readers to visit the site is because that site is monetized ( allows limited editing of the sidebar content). The only significant amounts of blog revenut have come from the odd sponsored post (PayPerPost and ReviewMe). With low readership numbers the amounts accumulating each day from AdSense and AdBrite are only 1c - 3c. The exception to this was few days after the mention by xxx which boosted my AdBrite revenue to over $1 per day, at which level ad revenue becomes worthwhile.

My Technorati rating is stuck around 30, as I haven't been requesting links from other sites for the past few months. My Alexa rank is slowly improving - hopefully it will be below 900,000 soon! A hearty thankyou to those of my regular readers who visit using the Alexa toolbar, marked this blog as a "favourite" in Technorati or added a link to on your website ;)

Enough Wealth

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