Sunday 3 June 2007

$490 Baby Photos

We had a set of photos taken at our local Pixie Photo studio when DS1 was a baby. Although we have plenty of photos taken by family members. the ones taken in a studio have a certain something that comes from good lighting and professional posing. At the time a "package deal" cost around $100 for a set of various photos and sizes.

Now that DS2 is around the same age we again went to Pixie Photo for the same sort of photos for our enlarged family. The special offer this time was just for one basic photo for $10.95. While we were there we had a series of other pictures taken of the two boys. In the end we selected several of these extra photos in various formats, for a total cost of $490 !!! This really is a lot of money for half a dozen photos, but you can't compare the quality of these photos to your regular snapshots. I figure that you have to spend your money on something, and as a "once off" expense it's worth it for something that will become a family keepsake.

Enough Wealth

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