Monday 5 September 2011

New Worth Update: August 2011

A fourth month of declining net worth. My geared stock portfolio dropped further into negative equity, which meant that our SMSF also had a bad month, as it is mostly invested in the stock market (via Vanguard High Growth Fund and some ASX200 CFDs (IQ)).

The valuations for our Sydney properties also dropped slightly, but so far Sydney property prices are holding up slightly better than in other Australian capital cities.

Assets___________$ Amount______$ Diff_____% Diff 
Stocks_*_________-$52,589____-$11,377______n/a % 
Retirement_______$347,483____-$13,817____-3.82 % 
Properties_______$975,738_______-$533____-0.05 % 

Debts____________$ Amount_____$ Diff_____% Diff 
Home Mortgage(s)_$359,614______-$455_____-0.13 % 

Net Worth________$910,748____-$25,272____-2.70 %
* the Stocks figure is portfolio value - margin loans. As my portfolio value (and margin loan debt) is around $500,000 relatively small movements in the stock market produce huge percentage swings in the net value of my stock portfolio each month.

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