Friday 15 June 2007

New AMP My Super Simulator (Retirement Calculator)

AMP has released their new Superannuation Modelling tool, and I must say that it looks quite cool. You just enter your current age and amount of your retirement savings, your salary (to calculate the employers 9% SGL contribution), and any extra contributions (via salary sacrifice or undeducted contributions). You then pick your preferred asset mix and it display a dynamic graphic of your projected situation at age 60 for three scenarios - poor, average and strong investment performance. You can then play around with the slide bars to change your retirement age, contributions or asset mix to see what the effect it has on the projected outcomes. The only odd thing was the projected outcomes for a poor market, where the best results were obtained for the 100% conservative and 100% growth options - the various other mixes of defensive and growth assets all produced lower projected outcomes in this situation. This seems to conflict with the theory that you get lower risk and better returns from a diversified mix of non-covariant asset classes compared to investing 100% in any particular asset class.

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