Tuesday 4 May 2021

Referral code for $50 bonus from peer-to-peer lender Plenti

If anyone in Australia is thinking about investing in peer-to-peer lending, the lender Plenti is currently (until 30 Nov 2021) offering a $50 bonus if you invest $1,000 in their 5-year income lending market. (I'd also receive a $50 bonus BTW) via this link.

I currently have $3,227.57 invested with Plenti - $1,177.98 in the 1-month rolling investment, and $2,049.87 in the 5-year income investment. I've earned $432.72 in interest since I first started investing in Plenti bac in March 2018. As I write this post, the interest rate available to lenders on the 1-month investment is 1.5% and for the 5-year income investment is 4.0%.

Be sure to read the product PDS before making any investment decision.

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