Wednesday 12 September 2007

Repairs to Rental Property might Finally Commence

Well, it only took two months and a week, but the builder allocated by our insurance company finally sent the contract for the repair work for us to sign. The insurance company had said this was being sent out three weeks ago.

I sent in the signed "scope of work" and contract yesterday, along with a cheque for the $100 insurance excess. In order to keep our tenants happy we have had to reduce the rent by $100 per week until the roof repairs are completed, so this incident has already cost $1,100. Hopefully the roof will be fixed in a couple of weeks.

I had asked the insurance company about making a claim for loss of rent, and was adviced to lodge a "written proposal". I haven't had any response to the emails I sent in, so I'll have to spend a few more hours on hold to chase this up. If nothing else this incident will motivate me to shop around when the insurance is due for renewal early next year.

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