Tuesday 4 September 2007

Net Worth Update August 2007

My net worth as at 31 August increased by $5,088 (0.45%) during the month to $1,131,814 (AUD), mainly due to contributions into my retirement account and some modest gains in my stock portfolio over the month, despite the volatility. My leveraged stock portfolios increased by a net $3,141 (0.79%) to $402,215 last month, but it would have been a slightly negative month except for a strong 1% lift to the market on the last day of the month. The estimated valuations for my share of our home and investment property was almost unchanged, increasing slightly by $646 (0.08%) to $762,788. The balance of my half of the mortgage also continued to increase by -$884 to -$361,210 as we continue to redraw some of our advance payments to cover the interest payments while DW is working part-time until DS2 starts school in a couple of years.

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