Saturday 8 September 2007

Net Worth - PF Bloggers August

Here's the latest round-up on how the various PF (Personal Finance) bloggers who post their Net Worth each month are progressing.

Monthly Net Worth of PF Bloggers for August 2007:

Blogger Age Net Worth $ Change % Change
Amateurist Fin. Journey 23 -$37,657.00 -$1,185.88 -3.1%
An English Major's Money 23 $17,929.00 $872.00 N/A
Blogging Away Debt 2x -$41,001.00 $1,068.00 N/A
Blunt Money 2x $225,866.01 $24.21 0.0%
Consumerism Commentary 30 $107,488.00 $5,477.00 6.3%
Crazy Money 27 $278,506.00 $3,488.00 1.3%
Enough Wealth 45 $1,131,814.00 $5,044.00 0.4%
Financial ladder xx N/A N/A N/A
Finance Journey 25 $166,556.00 -$120.00 -0.1%
Lazy Man and Money 2x $205,951.00 -$1,256.00 -0.6%
Make love, not debt 2x -$41,303.44 N/A N/A
Mapgirl 3x $50,311.00 $1,863.00 3.8%
Moomin Valley 42 $440,137.00 $1,182.00 0.3%
My Money Blog 28 $161,400.00 $13,524.00 9.1%
My Open Wallet 37 N/A N/A N/A
Savvy Saver 27 $211,596.00 $4,416.00 2.1%
Tired But Happy 30 $178,140.00 $3,281.00 1.9%

nb. Some ages have been adjusted as follows:
exact age provided = listed as given
"20's" = listed as 2x
"early 20's" = listed as 22
"mid-late 20's" = listed as 27
and so on.

If you have any corrections, let me know as soon as possible after the post and I'll edit immediately. If it's more than a few days after the post, email me and I'll make the change the following month.

Note: Most of these figures are in USD, but some are not (eg. mine are in AUD). Also, some bloggers post combined net worth of a couple, others are single, or, like me, only post their personal net worth.

The N/A figures are either a lack of monthly data, or where I've not included % change data because the net worth is less than +/- $100K.

I've had some appreciative comments about this regualar monthly post - if you like it, please link to it from your blog, or add a link to EnoughWealth to your blogroll. ;)

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mOOm said...

Thanks - you are still doing my numbers incorrectly. The August report has the numbers for August while you are using my September report which only reflects a few days of September so far.

mOOm said...

I'm also curious why you don't post a joint net worth for your family? said...

I thought I'd checked out the problem with mOOm's numbers before - as far as I can tell I'm getting the data from networthIQ, which is listing the current data and lists the changes ($ and %) relative to the previous monthly update. So the data should be correct. From memory, the last time this was pointed out I checked the quoted monthly change against the current networthIQ data and the figures I used in the previously monthly post and it seemed (to me) to be correct. I'll double check again next month, but I seem to have trouble pulling the correct data straight off networthIQ for mOOm. Any chance you could just email me your data by the 5th of each month to avoid any confusion? ;0

I only post my personal net worth (rather than family net worth) for a couple of reasons (which I think I went through in a previous post):
* aside from having joint bank accounts for paying off the home and investment property loans (which are held in joint names) we still have kept our personal investment accounts, and manage our own investments (although we have recently merged our superannuation accounts into a SMSF)
* We have somewhat different investment objectives - I'm building up wealth more or less for the fun of doing so, and look for ways to earn some extra income and boost investment returns. On the other hand DW is happy to work part-time and allegedly will be happy with just a modest retirement fund and having the house and (possibly) the investment property paid off by the time we are both retired.
* DS1 has some investments and a retirement account I set up for him, and earns a bit of money busking. As it's entirely his money as far as I'm concerned I don't see why I'd include the kids assets in my net worth estimates.

Overall, I just track my personal net worth for simplicity sake and to be able to track my investment outcomes vs. my "plan". There are many other ways I could approach this calculation - eg. combined family net worth, joint net worth divided by two (eg. the "divorce" scenario), adding in an estimate of possible inheritance, etc. but none of them seem particularly meaningful figures.

Currently the family net worth would be around $500K more than my personal net worth figure.