Friday 14 September 2007

Blog Performance and Monetization Update: September 2007


Readership plateaued during July and August, remaining close to the June totals. Some slight spikes in readership sometimes occur when I post a comment on the Freakonomics or Dilbert blogs, and the monthly PF Bloggers net worth post is always popular.

My Technorati rating has increased from 63 in July to now be 105 (Rank 49,721).

My Alexa rank is hovering just below the 1-million-mark at 969,013.

After reading the PF Bloggers ranking post by FireFinance [which didn't include Enough Wealth!] I also signed up with QuantCast. Although the statistics have only started being gathered, at the moment Quantcast's estimate of my readership is:
Global: 1,666 uniques (~visitors) per month
US: 1,051 uniques per month
My QuantCast rank is 4,090,819

Feedburner Subscriptions is increasing very slowly, currently sitting at 54 subscribers.
I continue to mirror my posts onto the site, as there seems to be little overlap between readership of the two sites. Stats for both sites and combined totals are shown below


I prefer sponsors that make payment direct into my PayPal account, as a USD cheque costs a lot in fees to bank in Australia. I've banked the latest USD cheque I received from KAGI with my credit union - although the cheque may take 4-6 weeks to clear the fees may be lower than the A$20 I'd otherwise have to pay. I generally have a threshold of US$100 for payments by cheque, which means I won't receive any cheques for a while ;)

Google AdSense revenue was tiny, so I've set up a 'wrapper' of code from AdBrite which displays AdBrite ads in the place of AdSense (unless they can't beat the CPM rate I've estimated would be achieved by displaying the AdSense ads). AdBrite revenue from interstitial ads is only 2c-3c per day, but on some days the banner ad revenue jumps to around 25c - I've no idea why, as the same banner ads seem to be displayed on all days.
Newsroom has started accumulated revenue from display of their feeds, but the amount of revenue is negligible and there isn't much content that suits my blog. They've recently upgraded their business editorial content, so I may find some more worthwhile content to "mash". Newsroom currently pays out monthly by cheque once you hit $50, but will "soon" start making payments via PayPal.

My Amazon affiliate earnings haven't increased since a few books were purchased by a blog visitor last year, I may remove the half dozen recommended books off my RH margin and instead do book review posts of my favourite PF books. I could also link to the reviews with a permant link to a Reference Library page with the book ads and links to my reviews. SInce March Amazon has introduced a $15.00 admin fee for each cheque payment. Payment by Direct Deposit would be free, but it's not available for non-USA bank accounts.
Feedburner revenue is accruing (slowly) for ads that get attached to feeds of my post distributed via the IBN group.

PayPerPost: USD $392.25 USD $ 19.00 - -
Blogsvertise: USD $ 94.50 USD $ 10.00 - -
SponsoredReviews: USD $ 16.25 - - -
ReviewMe: USD $ 60.00 - - -
AdSense: - - - USD $ 14.44 [$100 threshold]
AdBrite: - - USD $ 31.66 - [$100 threshold]
Newsroom: - - USD $ 0.84 - [$ 50 threshold]*
Amazon: - - USD $ 2.71 - [$100 threshold + $15 fee applies]
Feedburner: USD $ 0.05 - - [$ 25 threshold]
------------ ------------ ------------ ------------
TOTALS: USD $563.00 USD $ 29.05 USD $ 35.21 $USD $ 14.44
Grand total: USD $641.70


Around USD$51.23 pa. So the income generated is slightly more than the out-of-pocket costs of maintaining and promoting the site.

Annual domain name registration with Dotster USD$14.95, plus $10.00 for the redirection required to have my blog hosted by Blogspot but still use my domain name.

PFBlogs "Friends" fee: USD$2.00 per month.

Google AdWords: USD$0.76 for 4 clicks. Budget is set at max. $7.80 per month, but so far only getting around 1 click per month at $0.19 per click.

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