Wednesday 5 September 2007

Hawaii Real Estate

Although I fancy buying a Scottish Manor House (I even went so far as to bid on a 17th century Scottish property a few years ago, but didn't bid high enough) the reality is that I'm not overly keen on living in a cold climate in the winter months, and DW is dead set against the idea. A week or a couple of weekends skiing is more than enough "winter" for us. Therefore our retirement dream is to move to a rural property in a warmer climate when we eventually retire from being full-time employees. In our case we will probably move up to the mid-north coast as my parents own a hobby farm at Lake Wallace which has a nice climate all year round.

If we were living in the US we would probably be considering Hawaii real estate. If you are considering relocation there is some information about real estate available online, and you can read this real estate blog for some specific information about how the Hawaii property market is doing these days.

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