Friday 28 September 2007

Hedge Fund Tanks, Money goes Missing

The unit price (for the end of August) just got released for the Macquarie Equinox Fund (which I invested $50,000 in last year at an issue price of $1.00 per unit). The price dropped from around $1.13 at the end of July to around $1.05 for the end of August. However, given the market volatility in August this is hardly surprising, and the unit price may bounce back this month. It's funny how many hedge funds have turned out to be more correlated with the stock market that most people believed, and that they failed to benefit from increased market volatility.

I also received a statement regarding a distribution of $2,570 that was paid out on 19th September. The only problem is that I haven't seen this amount appear in my regular bank accounts. I can't remember if I nominated one of my online savings accounts for distributions, so I'll have to log in to all my accounts and try to find out where the money has gone.

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Olive Zeng said...

As survey shows, most of the hedge funds r considering themselves to be the one to stand out the market to deliver alpha for investors however what they actually do is delivering beta, which u can get easily by tracing the index using ETF.

Especially Mac Bank? Haha...