Wednesday 5 September 2007

CC Arbitrage Update

The 0% balance transfer from my new ANZ CC hasn't gone onto my day-to-day CC account yet, despite the welcome pack stating that the transfer would happen "automatically upon activation" of the new card, and would take "up to three business days" to complete (I activated the card last Friday, so the funds should have arrived by today at the latest). I phoned the ANZ card support to check if the balance transfer was even in the pipeline, and the first CSR I talked to (after being on hold five minutes) transferred me to the relevant department. Unfortunately the next CSR hung up the phone midway through saying "How may I help yo..." - a well-known trick CSR's use to improve their call stats or to shorten the queue. Since it was after 5:30 pm I decided not to try calling back straight away, I'll call again tomorrow.

Overall the online application process and despatch of the card by ANZ was excellent, but the customer service and support has been abysmal - I never got a reply to the two faxes I sent in regarding my customised card image file, and getting hung up on by "customer service" is beyond the pale.

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