Saturday, 21 April 2007

Pay Per Post is buying Company "X"

In yet another mysterious (ie. publicity seeking) pre-event announcement, Pay Per Post - the most admired provider of online ads in the known universe - has announced that next week they will announce that they've bought another company. Hopefully it is a sensible match for their current online advertising business - perhaps Blogsvertise, ReviewMe or a similar company (then again, I'm not sure which companies may already own each other). In terms of impact on bloggers I can only hope that this will mean additional avenues for monetizing blogs. It would also be nice if the opportunities this acquisition opens up are suitable for the smaller blogs - these are the ones with small, niche readerships, or perhaps are just starting out. At the moment the best advertising opportunities are, of course, only available to the more popular blogs with large numbers of readers. But it is the smaller blogs that would benefit most from the advertising revenue. I don't mind payment being proportional to readership, but at the moment smaller blogs are completely excluded from many advertising offers. Rather than paying flat rates (which makes small blogs unattractive to advertisers), perhaps they could introduce a pay-per-view system for smaller blogs to be able to take up offers that would normally not be available to them at all.

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