Monday 2 April 2007

Taking a "sickie"

The cold I caught on Friday went to my chest, so I spent most of the weekend in bed or on the sofa, coughing up phlegm. I called in sick this morning, as I'm still coughing and might as well use one of my days of sick leave to rest and recuperate fully. We get 10 sick days each year, which accumulate if unused, but aren't paid out if you leave work voluntarily or even if you are retrenched. I've probably accumulated more than 50 days of sick leave in my current job as I don't take many sick days. The majority in the past few years have been days off to stay home when DS1 has been sick and had to stay home from school (I alternated taking days off with DW while she was working full time).

One good innovation my company introduced last year was "odd job days" - up to 5 out of the 10 days of annual sick leave can be taken as personal days to complete any "odd jobs" that can only be done during business hours. This was in recognition that a lot of "sickies" are actually taken when people really ill - they need time off for school open days, closing on buying a house, moving house, waiting for the plumber etc. etc. The new scheme is good in that it doesn't disadvantage the "honest" employees who were loath to take a day of sick leave if they weren't actually bed-ridden, compared to those who took a day off after a big night out, or because it was good beach weather. At the same time, the company has got more strict about people who continue to take off too many one day "sickies" - if you repeatedly take off one day "sick" to make a long weekend every month they can ask for a doctor's certificate.

Anyhow, today I'll take it easy around the house, hopefully I can spend some time sorting out my share transaction records while I recuperate.

BTW - there was a magnitude 8.0 earthquake at the solomon islands this morning, so there's been a tsunami warning issued for the entire east coast of Australia. I don't expect a noticeable wave as the shock wave will has spread out considerably by the time it reaches Australia, plus the local seabed topology along most of the east coast isn't conducive to generating large tsunamis. The northern coastline is also protected somewhat by the great barrier reef.

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