Saturday 13 January 2007

Wine Collection Storage

A minor part of my assets (which I don't even bother including in my Net Worth estimates) is a small wine collection. I don't drink much wine, but I enjoy reading up on the Australian wines that are "collectible" and have bought and stored a few bottles of Grange hermitage, De Bortoli "noble one" and some others. My biggest problem has been not having somewhere to store these wines. I initially did the usual "under the staircase" wine rack thing - but, especially in Summer, this is NOT a suitable location. Even with some insulation and air conditioning the humidity would not be optimum. I've now shipped the wines up to my parents farm, where they have a suitable underground wine cellar area, but I still not to set it up properly and monitor the conditions.

For information about the correct conditions for cellaring your wine collection, and information about available equipment, visit Wine Cellar Equipment.

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