Thursday 4 January 2007

Day 3 down, 362 to go

A very pleasant day out, with an evening walk around Taronga Zoo for three hours at dusk with my family and my parents. My parents have a "zoo friends" pass ($190 pa) so they are able to take DS1 to the zoo as often as he likes. Tonight (after closing) there was a special "picnic night" offer available to Zoo Friends and their guests, so DW and I got in for just $15 each (normal entry cost is $32 per adult). My parents paid for the entry and brought some sandwiches for our "picnic" dinner, so this was a "no spend" outing from my point of view.

My parents had also brought in some takeaway noodles for DW and themselves, and also brought some extra for me. Unfortunately I "fell off the wagon" and had some fried noodles and a couple of spring rolls for dinner - definitely NOT on my healthy eating plan. To make matters worse I then also ate the ham and turkey sandwiches I was supposed to have had for dinner as a late night supper ;(

Hopefully the three hours of walking around the zoo provided some extra exercise to offset some of this bout of over-eating. Although from memory a serve of fried noodles would take about 100 hours of walking to burn off the extra calories!

My only spending for the day was $18.38 worth of groceries I bought on the way home (so that I won't need to go to the shops for anything tomorrow). I'm planning to mow the lawn, clean out the gutters and do some more "earthworks" around the pool tomorrow, so it *should* be a no spend, high exercise and healthy diet day.... we'll see how it turns out.

The Australian stock market was up around 20+ points (to another "all-time high") before lunch, but then plummeted during the afternoon to end around 26 pts down for the day. This translates to a paper "loss" of around $2500 to my net worth, but as I'm a "long term" investor I try to just ignore the daily ups and downs of the market. Better to just concentrate on the things I can (and should) control - like my diet and exercise.

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